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sign up

1. Sign up

Sign up or Login



  Sign up or login to list anything travel




2. Go to Settings menu


  Complete your profile.

  Add promo codes to attract users.

  Update banking details.  


3. Add banking details to receive payments

Banking details

  Adding banking details is very important.

  Users can't make payment if you skip this.

  You receive the booking amount less shipping charges and 15% Travizars commission.

  Amount is transferred directly to your bank once the order is complete.

Post listing

4. Post your listing on Travizars

Post a new listing

  Click this button to post a listing.


5. Select category

Select Category       


  Select the category your listing goes to.

  Upload photos, add price and listing details.

  You can also set number of available seats through inventory.

  Save and post your listing.


That's all. Traveling made simple!


We allow cancellations for a full refund. if the order has not been fulfilled by the seller.


User profiles are important because it builds trust within the community. People will not share things with you or borrow from you if you do not have a completed profile. Who are you? Why do you love Traveling? Where are you from?

If you have something travel related to share, that's fantastic. But if you want to connect with some travelers, here are a few things you need to think about.

Use good quality photographs to show your item in the best lightWrite about your item/offer, describe its features. Is it good for getting around town? Where is it located? Is it available at weekends? Do you provide accessories alongwith?  

Prepare your Item. Give your borrower an item that is fit for use. Make sure that everything is in shipshape condition.

Respond to requests as quickly as you can. Travelers who love your travel gear will want to book it. When someone contacts you, reply quickly to let them know that you are happy to share your gear with them and that it is available.

Arrange a time and location to meet for picking up/dropping off the Item. It can be a home address, a local coffee shop, a library, or any other location that is convenient.

While you are renting out an Item, be available as much as possible to help remedy any issues that may arise. If you'll be out of the area, provide your the borrower with a designated and reliable point of contact. You know your gear and your schedule best so we ask that you update your listing to reflect when it is unavailable to rent.

Genuine reviews are the cornerstone of Travizars' trusted community. You have 14 days to write a review and share comments about your experience with your borrower. Your borrower also has the opportunity to review you and your Item too. This builds trust in the Travizars community.


We verify personal profiles and listings and provide a secure messaging system.Using secured gateways makes payments safe and simple.

Sharers and Borrowers build trust and cultivate their reputations by writing reviews after each sharing experience.

We can pre-agree an insurance plan with you if you contact us before you list and rent out your Item. Insurance cover at the moment is being dealt with on a case-by-case basis so it is important that you understand the terms of sharing. 

As a Sharer, we advise that you let the Borrower know the value of your Item via our secure messaging system and only confirm payment once they have agreed to reimburse you the total cost stated or pay for repairs if anything happens to your Item while in their care.

If you have any questions relating to the safety and security of your Item, make sure to familiarise yourself with our FAQs.

We are constantly working on making an even safer place for sharers and Borrowers.


We’re here for our Travel community before, during and after your experience. Please get in touch and let us help you. We are a new community and still learning - please give us feedback so we can help make traveling & sharing the most enjoyable possible.